With its developed industries, amazing culture, high quality education and beautiful natural beauty, Australia is a preferred destination for all types of visitors. Whether you are a student or a travelers, worker or dependent, Australia has something to suit your need and life. Being a rich country, financially and culturally, Australia has attracted people from all over the world. Some people come to Australia for a specified period of time while others visit Australia to reside here permanently. Australia has been and continues to be a potential destination for migrants who intend to study, live and work in Australia.

Immigrating to Australia is not very easy, mainly due to the large volume of applications. Migrants are selected on basis of their skills, age, financial resources, educational qualifications, business and family contacts in Australia, and English proficiency. There are different types of visas designed for different categories of migrants. The factors used to select migrants also vary with the type of visa. Major visa classes of Australia include –

  • Permanent Entry visa
  • Work visa
  • Visitor Entry visa
  • Temporary Entry visa
  • Business visa
  • Student visa

Each of these visa classes can further be divided into sub classes, and every sub class has different features and obligations for visa holders.

Permanent Entry visa – It can be further classified into two streams – the Migration Program and the Humanitarian Program. The Migration Program is designed for business migrants, skilled migrants, family migrants and special eligibility migrants. There are further subcategories in each of these migrant programs.

Work visa – It is applicable only under certain circumstances. It has got further options including Working Holiday maker visa and Temporary residence visa with work rights. Working holiday visa is only applicable for residents from countries with whom Australia has working holiday arrangements.

Visitor visa – It is a standard visa that allows visa holders to stay in Australia for up to 3 months. Some visas also allow stay up to 6 months. It is a multiple travel visa and allows visa holders to come and go for Australia anytime during a period of 1 year.

Temporary visa – It is designed for individuals who wish to come to Australia for specific purposes. The short stay of overseas individuals in Australia must provide some benefit to Australia. This visa mainly focuses on areas of social/cultural bonding, skilled employment and international relations. There are several subclasses for temporary visa for Australia.

Business visa – It is designed for individuals who need to visit Australia for business activities like conference. Depending on intended purpose of visit, there are several visa options under business visa.